A: Importing Name (This is the name to be shown as "OWNER" on Customs entries)

B: If Importing Name is a Registered Australian Company 
write in your Australian Company Registration Number .A.C.N  (Note ABN is item D)

C: If Business Name

Full Name of Owner

Date of Birth

Residential Address
include State
post code

Phone No

Fax No

Date of Registration

Place of Registration

D: Australian Business Number (ABN)

E: Other Business Name Used

F: Other Company Names used and Registered Company Numbers

Company Name:
Company Number:

G: Previous Owner Code

Number Current / Non Current

H: Are you doing your GST BAS statements monthly or three monthly

If monthly you can defer your GST on the Commercial Invoice till your next BAS statement
If 3 monthly you have to pay your GST upon arrival of goods.


Name *

Email *

* You are required to put in your name and email address, then click submit for your details to come back to us

An administration fee applies when submitting to Australian Customs.